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Take Construction Management to New Heights

Nexobuild is an innovative and intuitive approach towards construction management which is designed to integrate all aspects of construction in one place to save your time and budget.

The Right Software for Any Residential Builder

Nexobuild’s detailed construction task breakdown as per Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), enables home builders to estimate preliminary budget prior to start date of the project. After the commencement of project, they can monitor accrued cost and evaluate cost overruns or budget savings. Construction managers can also benefit from our informative project dashboard and our financing module during the project. Nexobuild is available on any device and platform including computers, smartphones, and tablets making it easy to access it anywhere and anytime.


Maintain Focus

Nexobuild provides builders visibility to all aspects of project and full control over project budget and time.

Plan Your Tasks

With Nexobuild you can easily keep track of a multitude of tasks, and prioritize them accordingly based on their importance.

Promote Yourself

With Nexobuild engage more clients and investment towards your business by showcasing the level of your professionalism.

Nexobuild construction project management solution imac and android

Nexobuild Promotes:

  • Collaboration with trades and owners within the application
  • Managing quotations and contracts received from trades
  • Visibility over tasks expenditures, time, and performance
  • Document management on secure cloud storage
  • Presentable budget proposal for owners and financial institutes
  • Managing construction with clarity and peace of mind

Nexobuild Benefits

Reducing Risks & Liabilities

Keep record of expenses, quotations, contracts, documents and budget revisions

Obtain Visibility

Take full control of project progress, expenditure, time, and performance.

Cross Platform

Connect to our intuitive mobile applications anytime and from anywhere.

Lower Costs

Spend less on accounting and gain more on accuracy and efficiency.

Improving Teamwork

Collaborate with your colleagues about every detail of project conveniently.

Saving Time

Organizing, storing and searching for project and business data.

Nexobuild mobile application
access home building project anywhere anytime

Enhanced Professionalism

  • Track expenses and remaining cost to complete for each task
  • Keep detail record of budget revisions and contingency balance
  • Track expenses and remaining cost to complete for each task
  • Keep track of Change Orders as they occur
  • Impress clients by sending professional invoices
  • Securely store documents and project data
  • Grant full/limited role-based access to different parties

Why Nexobuild?

Nexobuild software has been developed based on a research performed on 100s of projects to help home builder’s successfully deliver their project on-time and on-budget without sacrificing the quality of the job.

With full control over progress of the project, project timeline, and project budget, Nexobuild helps you to save time and expenses when dealing with multi projects each year. Monitor project progression remotely with full access and clarity to project data.

Nexobuild peace of mind

Budget Analysis

Nexobuild’s budgeting module provides detailed budget breakdown as per Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), which can be used for budget proposal to owners and banks.

nexobuild cost tracking

Cost Tracking

Manage invoices, purchase order, tax inclusion, cost-to-complete, payees and other information for each item of work and attach documents for future references and share them with your accountant.

Nexobuild document management

Document Management

Nexobuild provides an organized and secure platform to access project documents such as plans, contracts, invoices, reports, photos, and videos saved to each corresponding item of work.

Nexobuild scheduling

Project Scheduling

Nexobuild’s simple scheduling application has been designed to provide builders peace of mind with their project timeline, deliverables, and deadlines for each item of work.

Builder & Owner Project Sharing

Nexobuild allows builders and owners to quickly and safely share project information. Once uploaded onto Nexobuild’s cloud, the information is live, so are their updated summaries such as total budget, expenses, project progress etc.
You can grant access to your team members to view or edit every aspect of project all at your fingertips anywhere, anytime and from any device.

nexobuild Project Sharing
Nexobuild invoice management

Client Invoicing

Nexobuild enables contractors to issue progressive invoices based on the work in place and include percentage overhead and profit to their periodical invoices and send them directly to their clients.

Nexobuild loan and finance management

Project Financing

Nexobuild financing module helps builders with their financial decisions by tracking equity contributions, mortgage payments, loan interests, progress draw calculations, and loan amounts received.

Nexobuild contract management

Contract Management

Manage, organize and send Request For Quotations (RFQ) for each line of the project budget to trades and suppliers and convert the approved quotations to contracts.

Nexobuild secure cloud


Nexobuild runs on the cloud on our secure servers, so say goodbye to losing any data technically. With sate of the art SSL technology, login securely to our system.